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To join the server you must have TeamSpeak installed with the add-on of TokoVoip. This substitutes for the in game chat and offers a wider range of options when it comes to talking in the server. Follow the instructions below to install both programs. If you have questions/issues with TeamSpeak or TokoVoip, please let someone in the Discord know so we can help.

TeamSpeak Server address: nightlyrp.com

This video may be of help to install: How to install Teamspeak3 and Toko VOIP!

Install TeamSpeak

  • Go to the TeamSpeak Website
  • Click on the 'free download' button.
  • Install the program into your designated location on your pc.

Install Teamspeak TokoVOIP Plugin

  • Download the plugin: TokoVOIP Plugin v1.5.4
  • It should begin downloading to your pc automatically.
  • Install it by double clicking on it.
  • Launch or restart TeamSpeak.
  • To check if it has installed correctly, look under the plugin menu where it should be listed as 'Tokovoip'.