Immersive GTAV Roleplay

What are you waiting for?

NightlyRP is a community and custom game modification built upon FiveM and GTAV.

Some commonly asked questions:

What is RP?

Its a type of game where players assume fictional characters that play out stories. Players are expected to stay in character as much as possible and follow the rules of the server. For example, life threatening scenarios should be taken seriously, even though revival is possible.

What are the PC requirements?

A normal computer that can already play GTAV is a good start. You will also need FiveM and Teamspeak in order to play. For more detail see our guide.

How do I join?

To get involved, simply join our discord, otherwise you can get more information in our getting started guide. If you are interested in roles like police or emergency services then joining the discord will be required.

What jobs do we offer?

We have a small variety of jobs currently, and will work to increase that with the community as we progress. Most priority has been given to the public services and criminal systems for the time being. This includes Police, Ambulance, Car dealers, Mechanics etc.

What does it cost?

Currently, there is no cost to play on our server.

How serious are we?

We are semi-serious, we are here to have fun and will always 'err on the side of fun' rather than 'rules for the sake of rules'. We are serious enough though that we will take strong action if players abuse the rules/systems or are too disruptive to the roleplay.

How can I contribute?

Get involved with the community. We are open to suggestions and contributions. We have a small team of developers and room for creatives. We also have a patreon if you are so inclined.

Want to know more?

Simply join our discord.