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GTAV / FiveM

Game won't join

If your game crashes, or you are kicked or for whatever reason need to re-join, you can try ending any FiveM tasks/processes completely and re-joining.

This can and will happen a lot so making a script to make it easier might be a good idea.

We recommend making a batch file on your desktop called "Kill Fivem.bat" and including the commands below.

tskill FiveM
tskill FiveM_DumpServer
tskill FiveM_GTAProcess
tskill FiveM_SteamChild

FiveM won't launch

Try uninstalling FiveM and re-installing it.

NightlyRP's mods are lagging me

We do what we can to maximize performance, you can confirm that we are actually the cause, and specifically what resource is the culprit which is more helpful than finger pointing.

  • In-game you can press F8 to bring up the FiveM console.
  • Type resmon 1, and hit enter to bring up the resource monitor.
  • You may need to resize the window, mouse will only be available while the console is displayed.
  • Scroll around, and note any resources that have "CPU msec" that are 1ms or more.
  • Note any resources that are using large amounts of memory or simply grow and never shrink. More than say 50MiB-100MiB+ would be a potential memory leak.
  • Take some screenshots or even some video of your gameplay along with this might be helpful in debugging the issue.
  • To close the resource monitor type resmon 0, hit enter.
  • To close the console you can press F8 once more.


My character is stuck

We'll be adding an /unstuck command

My character died, now what?

There are at least three ways to return to the living.

  1. Wake up - Wait a few moments and you can wake up which will put you back on your feet, but not heal your injuries.
  2. Black-out - Wait a few more moments and you can black-out and a friendly local will take you back to the nearest hospital where they will treat your injuries if you can afford it.
  3. Ambulance/EMS (recommended) - Pray that somehow the ambulance staff are alerted to your situation and will come to rescue you (recommended).
  4. There may be other non-conventional ways to revive.

I can't reload my gun

Guns have types and each type uses a different sort of ammo type.

For example if you want to reload a pistol:

  1. Equip the pistol by activating its "use" OR equip it to a bound action bar slot and press the associated number.
  2. Activate the "use" for the equivalent pistol ammo or use the action bar as you did with the weapon.
  3. Your character should reload the available mags and should update in the top right of the screen.


  • The ammo item is considered as box of clips or mags, so using them will add to your pool of available clips, in a gunfight, the reload key "R" will reload your gun quickly from the available ammo in your pool.
  • Your ammo pool is synchronized along with your character.

My sirens aren't working

We are working on making this easier to use.

I stole a car but it won't drive

If you acquire a car that doesn't mean you can drive it.

There is a car-key system that will grant keys to owners only, this includes NPC's. You must legally, or illegaly obtain the keys to the car, or otherwise hotwire the vehicle to obtain the keys.

Players may also exchange keys via the radial menu or the /givekeys command.

Cars you purchase or retrieve from the garage will automatically grant you the keys.

If you're game crashes mid high-speed chase and you rejoin, only if you own the vehicle will you be able to get the keys automatically. You may also exchange keys to a stolen vehicle with other players.

Where is the crosshair?

We disable the crosshair for many reasons. The main reasons being:

  • Gunfights with crosshairs result in very quick battles with little interaction and gunplay.
  • Crosshairs make sniping with low tier weapons too easy.
  • The default crosshair changes color when targeting enemies with unlimited range and disregards weather obstructions acting as a sensor.