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Important Terms

  • Metagaming - When game information outside of what is available in a game is used to give a player an advantage in-game. Most commonly seen and frowned upon in many forms of role playing especially when consent has not been given.
  • Powergaming - Powergaming, consists in achieving end game results (getting the highest and most favorable output possible) , ignoring everything else that constitutes the game as a whole. Another way to put it in words, would be taking shortcuts in the game in a counter-intuitive way.

Common Slang in Roleplay

  • RP - Roleplay
  • ERP - Known as Erotic RolePlay and banned on both the server and twitch. Don't do it.
  • Roleplayer - The person at the keyboard playing the character.
  • OOC/Out of Character - Things that the roleplayer is saying outside of game. Your character can also behave 'OOC' which is out of the norm/to be expected for that specific person.
  • IC/In Character - Things that the character is saying.
  • NPC/Non-playable character - A fictional character created by the roleplayer or admin. Not to be played.
  • AU/Alternate Universe - A storyline happening in a different world.
  • Canon - The orignal source for the game e.g. GTA gangs.
  • Retcon/Retconning - The rescinding of a plot or In Character occurence. Not encouraged.
  • Fourth Wall - Known as the barrier between a fictional universe and reality. This shouldn't be broken.
  • Godmodding/OP - God-like and overpowered. Big no-no.
  • Mary Sue/Gary Stu/Marty-Stu - A character that is so perfect they are annoying e.g. perfect body/personality/life.
  • NSFW - Not safe for work. May be because of language or otherwise.
  • RDM - Random Death Match - Attacking without reason/story.
  • NLR - New Life Rule - When you die, you forget the events leading up to your death.
  • LEO - Law enforcement officer.
  • EMS - Emergency Medical Services.
  • SAST - San Andreas State Police.
  • LSPD - Los Santos Police Department.
  • Pink Cage - The name of a famous set of crappy apartments in the game.
  • Pillbox - The name of a specific hospital near the pink cage.
  • Mission Row - The name of a specific police station.
  • Head exploded - A game crash.
  • Locals - A name for AI or non-player controlled pedestrians.
  • ELS - Emergecy Lighting System.
  • BOLO - Be On Look-out, basically police terminology for alert if you see a certain license plate.
  • ANPR /ALPR - Automatic Number/License Plate Recognition.
  • MIA - Mission in action.
  • KIA - Killed in action.
  • XMIT - Transmit.
  • OPP - Opposite.
  • BAC - Blood alchol content.
  • PDM - Premium Deluxe Motorsports, a city car dealership.
  • NPC - Non-player character. A computer controlled character.

Other Slang

  • TOS - Terms of Service, typically referring to Twitch's TOS but not limited to it.
  • VOIP - Voice over IP, basically the technology used to have voice calls, be it TeamSpeak or Discord, or in-game.
  • CCTV - Closed Circuit Television - Security cameras.
  • AFK - Away from Keyboard.
  • Whitelist - Basically a restriction on something where you need to be on a list to have access, this might relate to certain jobs with perks or queue priority.