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Our rules

  • Age requirement: 18+ as long as you are mature and have a sense of humor.
  • Being toxic or bringing toxicity anywhere in the community will have you removed from the community immediately. We will not tolerate drama or negativity. If you have any issues please address them to one of the staff members in a polite manner, we are all ears!
  • Must stay in character at all times, If there is a problem, roleplay the scenario out and then report it.
  • Metagaming, Powergaming, and RDM are NOT ALLOWED!
  • Copyright material that would result in a DMCA notice is prohibited.

Metagaming - Purposely using or relaying information which your character did not learn in game (Twitch and Discord are included) to shape in game roleplay. For Example: Using what you learned from somewhere else that you did not learn in game and you just end up knowing it in game of how it works.

Powergaming - Roleplaying outside of your character traits, abusing your job, and using it as an advantage such as:

  • Talking/Organizing while downed.
  • Not using /me to notify people of something they should notice. Example: If a medic checks over you while you are downed - you should reply (/me was shot in the leg) if you were shot in the leg.
  • Not realistically fearing for your life when you are threatened with a weapon or severe harm from other means.
  • Generally stay true to your physical character. Example: (If you are overweight you should always have that physical mentality in mind.

Sprinting/Fighting as soon as you leave the hospital, or are revived by medics! You must wait 20 minutes!! Please try to RP the situation out so everyone has fun playing on the server in their perspective job! Roleplaying you have superpowers! Being able to swim for very long periods of time and a matter to get away!

Random Death Match (RDM) - Attacking another player/group without any story/roleplay leading up to it. For example: If you and someone else had built up tension that lead to a fight breaking out then you wouldn’t need to initiate a situation before fighting each other.

New Life Rule (NLR) - If you are downed or respawn at a hospital your character forgets the immediate events leading up to being downed in the current situation. You may not respawn if you’ve been advised that police or EMS is on the way to the scene!

  • If you get shot in the head, you lose the last 15 minutes of what happened and may not retaliate on said event that occured!
  • If you get downed during criminal activity and your “gang” wins then your friends can pick you up and take you to “grandmas” to avoid getting in trouble with the police unless caught otherwise.

Keep it clean - Players must follow Terms of Service at all times as some individuals may be streaming their RP.

Cheating/Exploiting Exploiting game mechanics of any kind is not allowed! Example: Duping items to keep and not reporting it.

Player creation

Characters: When creating a character you are not just putting a name with the face. You must think about:

  • Give your character some strengths and weaknesses and think about how your character would react to things based on those traits.
  • What is the background for this character? Where do they come from? While this doesn’t have to be very detailed, putting some thought into this will make it easier to roleplay the character.
  • Remember to stick to these character traits! You are playing the life of this character so their experiences should let your character evolve. Let the consequences of your actions have an effect on your character.
  • What are your personal traits? Confident or Shy? Dull and boring or energetic and fun?
  • You can not be involved in everything. If there is something else you would like to try out consider making a new character and building up the story to it. You shouldn’t be a Gangster/Lawyer for example.
  • One your character has reached or failed to reach their goals it might be time to perma your character if you are wanting.

Permadeath: A player may decide that events in their character’s story have led towards the character being dead for good.
The death of a character might have a big impact on not only its story, but the stories of everyone that was involved in that character's life! You may use the /me command to give the EMS characters the right way to play out your death. Example: /me has a fading pulse leading towards /me has died due to their injuries!
You decide when your character dies for good, just make sure to roleplay the situation out!

Interactions: A player will get to interact with people from all over and of all types from Officers to EMS to criminals. You are here to create a story with that character no matter to lead to certain scenarios that happen in game.

  • EMS: You are to wait for police or EMS to arrive if you get downed in the game. When help arrives both sides should RP the scenario out the best way possible. Everyone should act professional and roleplay the best the can including using /me to show EMS your injuries you have received in game.
  • Police: Police will act professional around anyone they come in contact with including other officers.

When a player is put in cuffs they are considered to be in police custody. Once you are in custody then the crime is over unless the story takes it other places. You may try to break your friend free only if it is part of a story for a reason you are wanting to break them out. Example: Warrant on your friend, you seen them get arrested and you get people to help you free them from custody!

Crime: Here are some things to consider when choosing the life of crime!

  • Build up: Don’t just rush into being the best criminal on day one! Let your character make connections and learn how crime works in the city before making big moves like taking on other people or robbing trucks or banks!
  • Heat: You should give yourself enough time in between crimes for things to cool off. You should expect to get more police attention, IE: investigations if you repeat crimes in a small amount of time.
  • Criminal Hierarchy: All characters may learn or come in contact with how the criminal world works. All criminals had to work their way up in the structure at some point and the climb can be a very very important part of your story. Meeting important new people could help evolve your story.
  • Conflict: Some organizations and criminals may work together from time to time. Territory, resources, and power will drive many of the conflicts. Conflict and cooperation both help make stories more fun and intriguing. Make sure to have a good amount of both and avoid large groups that make the server one sided.
  • Activities: Make sure to have at least one hostage during a bank/gas/jewelry robbery! Try to come up with interesting stories to roleplay with the cops when they show up.

Gangs: These are the rules for the gangs!

  • Limit: Criminal gangs are limited to about 6 people just so things don’t get overwhelming.
  • Criminal Activity: We only allow 4 criminals per activity. Example: Robbing a bank with only 4 people of the gang and 1 hostage. If you are off in the distance radioing in on something, you are counted as part of the activity. If you use more than 4 and we end up finding out then there will be punishment as this will not be tolerated!

Heists: If you are running from the police and do a heist, you must have a plan of action for the job. You can still do a job without a plan but it is best to have one. If you are just running in circles the police have the choice of pitting you and ending the chase the best they can after 5-10 minutes of just chasing you!
The only time criminals can do a shoot on site heist is when they are doing a bank truck and are outside trying to grab all the money out of the truck before the police show up.
All other heists must be played out and have a story to them. Example: We will give you this hostage if you let us go free and no spike strips.


Once the server gets bigger and more full, if you are looking to get priority make sure that you are immersive in your RP as we will choose you over someone who doesn’t care at all. We will also have priority for patreon members who help donate to help keep improvements on the server.

You may not have multiple characters in the same gang. Try to avoid making characters with the same story lines.

Just know there will be players who can take pictures and record in game while everything is going on and anything out of the ordinary they send us to review could result in punishment!

At the end of the day we are here to have fun and have a good time and make stories and memories as we grow here as a community at NightlyRP! We hope you enjoy your stay here and just know these rules can be changed at any time but we will keep you all updated!


If you have any questions/concerns/problems, hop onto Discord and we can work out a time and place to talk about the situation!

Thank You everyone and enjoy your time here at Nightly RP!!