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Guide for New Players

NightlyRP is a unique roleplay server based within Grand Theft Auto V and modded using FiveM. It looks to generate vivid and wild stories ranging from the casual civilian through to the hardened criminal who has just robbed the vault. With immersive activities like go karting, positions of responsibility within the city and multiple ways to make money (legally and illegally), there are countless ways to generate fun RP with other players.

All ranges of experience are encouraged to play and take part, with plenty of players willing and ready to help out those new to GTA RP. Play as a criminal, civilian or a member of Los Santos’ emergency services and let your imagination run wild.

Join the Discord for more information and if you have any questions. Welcome and enjoy your stay!

Before you RP

How to apply

The server is a FiveM ESX non-whitelist server though many of the features become available as you play more and demonstrate your commitment to creating good RP. Join the discord server to get the full details, including roles that are available to join.

Ensure you read the Rules for the server and be sure to understand them to maximise your experience in the server.

You will need a legitimate copy of Grand Theft Auto V on PC and the FiveM mod to play. You can purchase from either Steam, Epic or the Rockstar Social Club and any of those should work fine.

Minimum PC Requirements

You should obviously have a good enough computer to play GTAV normally.

  • OS: Windows 10 64bit.
  • CPU: Intel i5 / AMD FX 3.0ghz+ or better with at least 4 cores.
  • Memory: 16gb of DDR3 or better. (with only 8gb you might get whats called "thrashing" and experience heavy stuttering).
  • Disk: SSD for your OS with 5-10gb free for FiveM, and 100gb on a normal HDD or SSD for GTAV.
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 980 or Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb or better.

Install FiveM (Required)

See FiveM Setup

Install TeamSpeak (Required)

See Voice Setup


Connect to Teamspeak and FiveM by entering the server address:

There is no need to change rooms or enter any passwords etc.

All the necessary customizations should download and you will be presented with a character selection screen if all goes well.

During the RP

New character creation

It is important for you to consider what type of character you want to make before you jump in. The personality, history and type of character will shape most, if not all, of the RP you conduct in the city. Whether they are mad, kind, funny or a future gangster, you should consider what you would like to play. This can change later obviously as your story develops but getting the history right is important.

If you struggle with character ideas, there are plenty of generators available to help:

When you first create a character, you will be given the opportunity to make decisions on who they are. This means deciding on name, gender, height and age. Make sure you fill this out correctly and ensure your name is non-offensive and genuine - choose carefully.

New characters will then spawn at the airport though future spawns have the choice of multiple locations around the city. You will be shown a customisation menu.

  • You should have decided if your character has a male or female body. Make sure you pick the correct one.
  • You will have the chance to use a template character (though we encourage not to) or use the default body which you will be able to change very soon.
  • Decide on your outfit choice and exit out of the customisation menu.
  • Get yourself to a barber where you will be able to customise your character further, including hair and plenty of facial/body features. Make your character unique and memorable!
  • If you wish to change your clothes, you can go to any ‘Suburban’ clothing store available on your map by clicking the ESC key. Remember, this will cost you each time so ensure you are picking carefully.


There are a number of jobs available for you in the city, both whitelisted and non. Whitelisted jobs are applied for through discord and include:

There are plenty of non-whitelisted jobs available which you can pick from at City Hall. These include but are not limited to:

You're now ready to start playing!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the Discord.